What would you feel if you are in front of a beautiful woman with blond hair and blue eyes? And more….. if she would ask you to come closer to kiss and hug her? Me? Well, I would be fascinated… and I was fascinated.

It was 3pm when somebody asked me to meet that woman. She was an Italian descendant. She had blond hair, blue eyes, and extremely beautiful. Not only external but she had a wonderful heart. I could sense and feel it during our first encounter.

She talked softly, gently, and with wisdom. I was fascinated and i admired her instantly. While listening to her my heart was beating so fast. I did not know why. What i knew was I was meeting a wonderful person at that moment and I thanked the Lord for that great opportunity.

While she was talking I was giving her the best attention I could for she was sharing things that last forever. I was looking at her eyes with much affection… trying to read what words can not express. While she was speaking I could sense the pain from her face. Inspite of this, she was calm and there was no mark of bitterness on her angelic eyes. Moreso, she could manage to look at me with a wonderful smile…. and i was so impressed by that.

Before I left, she asked me to come closer to her ….. to hug her tenderly and kiss her with respect. ….that beautiful lady with blond hair and blue eyes was the woman i was administering the last sacrament and she was 83 years old….

Fr. Dexter Carr, SVD is a Filipino missionary to Argentina. He is part of the Vox Dei Class. He was ordained last March 2005 at the Holy Spirit Chapel of the Divine Word Seminary of Tagaytay.






  1. Great story. Am sure she went to heaven. She was all beauty and goodness prepared to meet the Lord.And she asked you to confirm this to Jesus with the hug and kisses.

  2. I’m happy to read your story about fr. Dexter…I see him in St..Jude and I’m inspire s mga teachings nya. thanks for sharing fr. Felmar!God Bless us!

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