I am supporting the Underground River’s bid for its inclusion in the New Seven Wonders of Nature. I have been to the different parts of our country from A (Abra) to Z (Zamboanga) and in one of my journeys, the Underground River left a deep impression on me.

one of the scene stealers on the way to the underground river


the beautiful rocks of palawan


underground river, here i come!


ako ang taga-hawak ng flashlight


From Puerto Princesa City of Palawan, I traveled for two hours to reach Sabang, the gateway to the Underground River. My tour-guide Kuya Boboy showed to me “the century old tomato tree.” Believe me, he is the best tour guide I ever had. If you go to Palawan, everybody knows him (Note: He is a Dabawenyo).

From Sabang, I rented a boat going to the Underground River. It was like being transported to a new world. Kuya Boboy told me that in Underground River, animals and humans lived in peaceful and loving co-existence – and it unfolded before my very eyes! Giant lizards can walk freely without being threatened by the presence of the many people in the area. They even stop for light pictorials. Monkeys are friendly too. They could even walk with you.

Vote now for the Underground River: click here






  1. wow! it makes you really proud to be in a country like philippines. our countryside is really beautiful. now that our four bets for new seven wonders have reached the top ten, perhaps we should nominate for more. we still have the rice terraces (how come we call it the 8th wonder of the world and it was not even nominated?), talomo underground river of davao city, sleeping dinosaur of oriental and taal volcano of tagaytay.

  2. there is something mystical about the U-River.imaginatively like going back to the womb.more power in making Filipinos prouder of the richness of our land.

  3. I’ve been there last april…to be honest sabang is well appreciated than El Nido.. I enjoyed a lot staying in Sabang…specially the resort called DALUYON!!! Miss it!

  4. I live in Austin, TX and took my wife and children to the innerspace caverns. It left an incredible impression on me and it was just a cheesy little tourist trap. I’d love to visit the underground river. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I absolutely agree that the Palawan Underground River is quite very special. Of all places in the Philippines I visited, this so far has created the greatest spritual impact on me. I visited the place at a time whenmy spiritual batteries were almost drained..and like a charger, the place just restored the energy I need to keep on going with life. When I saw it, I was amazed by the cave formations *stalactites and stalagmites that bore spiritual figures and material symbols alike. The long dark boat ride was scary, but the light beheld at the end of the 1-hour tour of the navigable portion of the cave was simply one of the most powerful feelings of relief i have so far experience in my whole life.

  6. Di pa ko nakakapunta dito Father. Pero if there’s one place na gusto ko tumira, jan talaga sa Palawan.

    I lived in Calauit Island for a year eh. And I’d love to see the other islands as well. Ang dami nila! More than 1,000 of the 7,107 islands are in Palawan!

    Exciting po pala maging SVD missionary. 😀

    Btw, may blog din po ba si Father Xavier Alpasa, SJ? Kse po nabasa ko na he is a Tedtalks fellow. He is based in Culion, Palawan.

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