Finally, together with my four classmates, we profess our Perpetual Vows last May 25, 2008, Sunday at the Holy Spirit Chapel of the Divine Word Seminary of Tagaytay. It was attended by several SVD priests, relatives, friends and guests. This year’s Representative of the Superior General in Rome and mass presider is Fr. Ernesto Lagura, SVD, who at present is a member of the Provincial Council of the SVD Southern Province.

Litany of the Saints


After the Litany of the Saints


“I am so resolved”


Recitation of the Vow Card


Signing of the Documents


Perpetual profession makes one a permanent member of the congregation. That is why, we say it is already “for life.”


I would like to thank the many people behind the celebration. Thank you also to the many visitors who came. More importantly, thank you so much to all countless others who storm heaven with their prayers for me each day. Pagpalain po kayo ng Diyos! Most of all, to God, my faithful God, for this gift of vocation…





11 thoughts on “PERPETUAL VOWS

  1. may the darkness of sin and the night of unbelief vanish before the light of the word and the spirit of grace, and may the heart of jesus live in the hearts of all. amen.

  2. i am happy for all of you, seeing you all grow as one class i could not help but cry because your class touched me in a very special way. mabuhay ang pantas class!

  3. Congratulations !!! Many are called but few are chosen. Never get tired giving your best. Go ahead!!! Be God’s leader of goodness and love.

    God Bless you always.

    Gerry and cleo abdon

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  5. tol congrats sa perpetual profession mo. I’m sorry di ako nakadating. Like i said before, its my sis bday. kelan nga pala ang diaconal ordination mo? i need to know so that I can schedule kung pupunta ako.

  6. my goodness!!! welcome to the club tol..that’s what you’ve been aspiring for so long since we met in you have it..keep the fire going, growing and glowing as WITNESS TO THE WORD! MABUHAY ANG KLASE NYO!!! PRAISE THE LORD.AMEN!!!

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