Living under the same roof for several years, I have been a witness of the ups and downs of my brothers in the formation. We share each other’s burdens and celebrate our little joys together.

For this school year, I have seen how my confreres broke their heads together. It was a rocky road for some since the academic demands were a little difficult for them.

I remembered my Christ the King days…remember that comprehensive exams where I bought several bottles of Red Bull to prevent myself from sleeping? Somebody did the same, only to collapse before answering the first written exam! Tsk! Tsk! Di kasi nag-Red Bull.

What joy to see my brothers finished the academic race! All of them received their well-deserved medals! I am very proud to have confreres like them! Congratulations to the Dakit Class and the Xin Ya Class.


Fr. Ross proudly lent his medal to his professor for this pictorial.


Kagat-medal: Frt. Gary, Frt. Tupz, Frt. JM, Frt. Greg, Frt. Dale, Frt. Manny, Frt. Joey


Serious pose


Xin Ya Class with Fr. Lex and Fr. Ed


May the force be with you


Fr. Ross gave a message


Fr. Rector, Fr. Dean, Bishop Buenaventura and Bishop Tagle listen attentively to Fr. Ross


Indeed, what a journey it has been!


Bishop Buenaventura of Gumaca, Quezon


Fr. Ed Panlilio received the statue of St. Arnold Janssen.


Ako at si Fr. Ed






  1. congrats to the graduates…they fought a good fight and proved themselves worthy of the rewards for their sacrifices…God Bless! cadoy

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  3. kapatid,
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    dadalaw ulit ako.

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