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Posted by Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD in Ordination.
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Presbyteral Ordination of the Dakit Class
Rev. Arnold Biago, SVD
Missionary to Congo, Africa
Rev. Jhon Crisostomo, SVD
Missionary to Central America
Rev. Michael Tangente, SVD
Missionary to Ghana, Africa
Rev. Ross Heruela, SVD
Missionary to Philippine Central Province
Rev. Rico Glenn Deuna, SVD
Missionary to Philippine Southern Province
Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City
February 9, 2008
9 am
See you there!






1. Frater Felmar Fiel, SVD - February 3, 2008

For the SVDs:

please join the SVD yahoogroups “SVD WORLDWIDE”


2. Anonymous - February 5, 2008

hehe felmar natutulog ka pa ba? do you have the email of fr. saniel? i miss tagaytay so much.

3. Anonymous - February 7, 2008

congrats to them

4. Anonymous - February 11, 2008

wala bang mas malaki na picture? parang madre yata ang nakita ko sa thanksgivng something for the parents. please correct me if i’m wrong.
i cant blve it, pari na si frt.mike…
but i did not forget his promise na presedential table!

5. Felmar Fiel, svd - February 11, 2008

robert: ang pix na ya ay nakuha ko sa friendster. yan ang invitation nila..hehe i will remind fr. mike about the presidential table…

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