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Posted by Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD in Christmas, Jesus, Seminary Life.
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Last December 3, the Divine Word School of Theology had its one-of-a-kind Christmas party. It was my first time to experience that kind of Christmas celebration in my whole life. The studentry decided to forego of the traditional exchanging of gifts. Instead of that, every class had to choose their beneficiary for their “Pasko sa Mukha ng Mga Dukha” outreach.
We, third year students of theology, had chosen the Bahay San Jose in Tagaytay as our beneficiary.

It is an institution taking care of those who are victims of polio and cerebral palsy. In their directory, this statement can be seen: “Bahay San Jose is a heaven of angels who inspire others, each other’s lives and encourage everyone who comes in to reflect, see, accept and live life as it is despite its different faces.”

We sang Christmas songs to them.

We also feed them.

This woman played the organ which moved us all to tears. The song was “Somewhere in Time.” Awww, it was hauntingly beautiful.

Jose, a polio victim, was feeding his friend and housemate.

Felmar and Filmar had good time together.

This is one experience I could never forget in my whole life. Since my grade school days, I have been used to celebrating Christmas in the classroom but this time, we really went out of our classrooms and celebrated it with the lovely beautiful people who lived life to the full despite their inabilities.

Grace and peace to everyone. Have a happy Christmas!






1. Agnes - December 9, 2007

very touching to see you all guys doing that. congratulations!

2. Mission Partner of SVD - December 9, 2007

Frt. Fiel, kung sino man ang nagka-idea na ganyan ang inyong Christmas party, please extend my congratuations to him. God bless!

3. Fr. Titus Mananzan, SVD - December 10, 2007

Congratulation Fiel it was really meaningful Christmas
celebration. Keep it up. Regards Merry Christmas to

Fr. Titus Mananzan, SVD

4. cadoy21 - December 10, 2007

it was an experience of love and grace in context…meri xmas kabs!

5. Mike Namba - December 11, 2007

They are very nice Filmar
U r very creative.

6. Priscilla Javier - December 11, 2007

Agree, frt. fiel so unique in your own SVD way. Thanks for counting me in.

7. Von - December 11, 2007

Brod.Fiel, Touch ako sa ginawa ninyo…That was great ! Do u have any prayer leaflets that will i read it here @ home. Can i ask for it? Hope this will be granted & pwede ka mag-artista brod fiel.

8. Károly Domonyi - December 12, 2007


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I wish you all the best in all years.

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9. brigid - December 24, 2007

That is so wonderful! Spending Christmas helping people is a great idea.

10. Marvia - December 26, 2007

A truly wonderful read. Thanks for sharing your experience Felmar.

11. towr - December 27, 2007

I also have a post about something I noticed with the 2007 Christmas. please leave a comment in my blog if you have observed the same thing. Thank you

Title: There is something wrong with gifts this Christmas

12. Carol - December 31, 2007

I’d say what a wonderful thing you guys did! I don’t celebrate Christmas for many reasons but I think this was a nice thing to do. I feel so bad for those people.

13. Pastor - December 31, 2007

Let me just say this was an awesome idea and the pictures were powerful.

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