I am into an interesting extra-curricular activity since last Sunday.
I joined the taekwando lessons in our seminary gym.

It is for free!

Our taekwando mentor is Andrew, a Korean parishioner.

Ang galing sumipa ni Ate Rose!

Frt. Aris and Frt. Jaekel are also with me.

Children are allowed to join.
The taekwando students with our master.




8 thoughts on “LOOK WHAT I’M DOING!

  1. hhhaaaannnnneeeepppphhhhhhsssss!!!
    heheheh..okay ang gimik niyo ah…maganda yan…pero mas maganda akyat ka din sa mount Apo ehm ehem..hehe..turuan mo na lang kami (regants 07) pagbalik diyan ha hehe…master ferlmar ka na ngayon hehe…

  2. -kuya harry: thanks sa padala nyo pong picture. tumaba po si fr. ynzon!

    -jess: thanks always for the update of your class ha. i am always proud of your class.

    -abraham: wahahahaha. kitakits!

  3. frater feil is frt nguyen a vietnamese brother? because i have had two SVD brother-classmates in psychology way back college who has thesame family name although they were given a christian name one is FRT.JOSEPH NGUYEN

  4. Hi,

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  5. hello frater fiel

    who is father Bernard Gu, i receive an email from him and he said that he is in need of help right now. he said he needed as sum of &3150 dollars to sort his problem there in africa. I do not know why i was the one he tried to communicate. please please try to check on this because he is in need of help and i do not know which part in Nigeria is he right now. I cannot distinguish if the email i receive is a scam or so because i do not know personally Fr. Bernard but i saw his name in your list this is his email address: berngu721@gmail.com

    Please report this incident to the missionary director so that Fr. Bernanrd can be rescued as soon as possible and so that the SVD missionaries in Nigerias can help him there.

    thanks alot

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