Grace and peace in the Divine Word!

One of the most memorable, if not the most painful, experiences in the seminary is seminary departure. Some are asked to leave; some opt to leave while others left for some other reason. It is really an occasion causing a rupture in our hearts and community life.

In my ten years of seminary formation, I have witnessed more than forty seminary departures. When nine of my classmates were asked to leave the seminary in my second collegiate year, alas, it was a traumatic experience. Knowing for one that they had been my companions made me feel I lost a part of me. It was painful.

This semester, our community witnessed two seminarians leaving us. But their case is different. Their applications to study and experience foreign culture were granted by our SVD superiors. Frt. Jereck Jera, SVD and Frt. Elmer Hernandez, SVD were sent to Germany and Hungary, respectively. They are the brave ones who chose to leave the comfort zones of our beautiful and loving community to widen their horizon of the SVD culture. I have but all good words for them.

I remember Jereck very well. In fact, he was already a clear stand-out candidate among the more than 40 fourth year students whom I served during the search-in of April 1999 at the Divine Word Formation Center of Davao. He made the cut and we became dorm mates. Oh my God, he was very studious! He used to study in our CR after the study period at the study hall (wahahaha, grabe gyod ni siya mo-study bah!). He is also very down to earth.

On the other hand, I remember Elmer with fondness. We were together in Christ the King Mission Seminary in Quezon City back in year 2000. Whoa! He was so thin then. (Don’t look at his stomach now, blame it on the SVD). He used to call me “Beh.” (In the seminary, we used to be baptized with other names. Mine is Baby Fiel. Beh is from “Baby”). He said that he really wanted to become an SVD. He would really insist to become an SVD. “Pag palalabasin nila ako, di talaga ako lalabas kahit kaladkarin pa nila ako.” That’s the spirit!

I do not feel sad that they left our community. I am, in fact, happy for them. I am very confident that they would excel, become better persons and missionaries in the place where they now call their “new home.”

Certainly, I believe a bright future awaits for them (pati din sa amin na naiwan dito sa Tagaytay). Only God can tell when are we going to see each other again. By that time, we will be different persons but definitely still the same. God bless us all!






  1. wow kabs, it was exhilarating and very touching message when i read this blog. thanks a lot kabs! i didn’t know that u wer observing me when we wer in davao huh. hehehe

    hapit jud ko nakahilak kabs, natandog jud ang akong balitian sa imong gipost na blog..indeed, i am very grateful also 4 u kabs bec. u’r one of my inspirations in the seminary as well as to the SVD for giving me a chance to experience what’s beyond my comfort zone that is totaly new to me!

    my 1 wk’s journey here in germany was nyc, i met several german confreres who are gud and welcoming. the taste of being in the hoemland of St. Arnold is a great honor alredi. i know many things will happen as i continue on w/ these new challenges of my life as an SVD fratre. this missionary journey in a new environment entails sacrifices, hardwork and a lot of prayers to persevere. my life here now depends on how i am perceptive to the workings of the Holy Spirit! as Jesus said “Come and See!” I will offer all to God my journey here in germany! pls do include us in ur prayers! danke schön!

  2. Wow, nice reflections fiel. You don’t know how much contribution you make not only for the PHC or SVD philippines but worldwide. Thanks for the updates and do keep them coming 🙂

    fr. anthony ynzon, svd

  3. Good Morning!!!

    Hi fiel Kumusta? i’m so glad that you still include sa mga pinapadalhan.
    mo ng mga blogs mo, inspite of the fact na hindi na ako nag-email sayu.
    you know everytime i read your blogs, i became emotional at na-re-restore ang faith ko in God. I remember my life in the seminary evrytime i read u’r blogs, it was truly wonderful. although hindi ako nag-iwan ng comments sa mga blogs mo but deep inside. ma touch talaga ako evrytime i read it.

    You know Fiel life in the seminary was a gift, it was really meant for you. Pls.
    Keep it up for me. sana maging pari ka nga. How i really wish to become a priest
    since bata pa ako ito na yung ambisyun ko, cguru God had other plan for me. I’m
    busy now with my sis business. We had now 4 branches already. Pls. help me pray
    mag continue ang business namin.

    Now i had 3 month old son, a very cute and wonderful baby, paglaki nya
    papasukin ko sa seminary sana sya ang magtuloy sa mga pangarap ko.
    You gusto ko tlaga babaye but God give me a cute son ciguro para maging pari.
    Ha!ha! Bitaw i’m serious papasukin ko sya sa seminary.

    Good Luck Fiel!!! Keep up the good work.
    Pls. pagpari jud ha! ha!ha!

    Send my regards to JhonMark and Jekel. I mis u all.

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