Our brother seminarian Frt. Eliseo “Ely” Cadivin has been missing since July 23. Here is the latest information about him:

The security guard and teller of Western Union in Olivarez, Tagaytay City recognized him as coming to transact around 1:30 pm Monday. He received his money sent by a relative via electronic transfer (just more than P1000). He went out from the establishment and immediately walked northbound.

Between 12 to 3 pm, he was seen in Metrobank. Guards there recognized him and said he was carrying a black bag.

Around 3 to 4 pm. Ely bought candies in one of the stalls near Mr. Quickie. The saleslady recognized him. In fact, she said he was smiling at her. He was wearing a black shirt and carrying a black bag (not small), perhaps, a duffle bag.

Tagaytay Police received copies of Ely’s pictures. His family and immediate relatives were already informed but as of this moment, there was still no substantial information about him.

If you happen to see him, please immediately inform us at telephone number(046) 413-1248. You may also text or call me in my cp number 0922-4846-095. Please include him in your prayers…

“Lord, preserve my life and rescue me;

Do not let me be disgraced,

for I trust in you.”

Psalm 25:20





15 thoughts on “MISSING

  1. G’day Felmar,
    I share your deep concern for Ely, and I’ll be praying for him, for the Lord to protect him and comfort his family at this difficult time.
    Regards from your Aussie mate, Bruce

  2. dear bruce,

    thank you very much for praying for us. We here in Tagaytay as one community have spent day and night looking for him. the National Bureau of Investigation is working with us.

    In Christ,

    felmar fiel, svd

  3. We continue praying for him then. lahat na kakilala niya sana malaman din para magawa lahat ng paraan pati mga numbers na pwede tawagan… tnx for the info again. ingat lagi all the time… kelangan kayo ng Panginoong here in the Mission… until next time…ayok libangan

  4. Hello po. Rest assured that we are praying for Bro Ely’s whereabouts that the Lord will take care of him and protect him. I will ask our community in Risen Christ Catholic Community for prayers and will send his picture to help us locate him.

    In Christ,


  5. Hi. I’m here helping in our parish in Puerto Galera. I’ll be here for about a month. I’m having a relatively pleasant time here. It’s nice to be away for a while from the big city. I’m quite saddened also about the news about Ely. As far as I can remember I don’t know if he has any enemies. I know he is a plesant person. I’ve been with him because he is our infirmarian when I was t4. I hope the good Lord will protect him and find him as soon as possible. We all pray for him. We here in Puerto have been informed about him since Wednesday. Give my regards to everybody there in the seminary. Hope to find time to visit there before I leave for Australia.

  6. tol fiel,

    thanks for the info. I learned about this only today through fr. fred mislang, so i thought of opening my inbox to see any news. you’ve been a great help. i called also bong. we are one with you in prayers. i hope he’s safe and will come home soon… dudz, svd

  7. You are a deluded idiot. Stop going to other countries and trying to destroy the cultures there. your religion is the scourge of the earth.
    Stop praying and start worrying about your own country.

  8. Hi Felmar.

    My continued prayers for his safe return. I was with the Benedictine sisters in Calapan last week when we heard about him. They are praying for him as well.


    P.S. Thank you for regularly visiting PinoyKatoliko. Hope we can talk in person sometime.

  9. hello there! i’ve also linked your blog from the wordgodspells.com blogsite. 🙂 as i might have mentioned to you before, i maintain the blog for my father, momong.

    also, i see you now link to mindanaobloggers.com — pls submit your blog to mindanaobloggers.com/directory as well. submit it to the category of your hometown.

  10. hi felmar, i hope felmar is in the good hands of the Lord, i am not so religious as you are but i also whisper to the Lord, I will include him in my prayers^^

  11. Felmar, When I first read your article, I had hopes that it was all a hoax, that he just runaway because he did not want to be seminarian anymore or that there might be a lady involved…this would have been better scenarios than “other” kinds of stories. This is really great concern if up to now he has not communicated. Did you try ringing his cell phone?
    Lets keep up the prayers though….

  12. Frater, i’ve just heard the news when we were in the boat going back in Legazpi… we will be praying for him and hopefully everything will turn out well…We know how it feels…
    and as Seminarians although different Congregations, we should support each other…All Prayers and Hopes…

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