Waaaahhh!!!! While the Spiderman 3 has been drawing so many moviegoers in the theaters of this part of the world that is Philippines, here I am, inspired to write something about Superman. No, I do not want these two heroes to fight with each other (Superman Vs. Spiderman). I simply want to share a short reflection about a moving scene while I was watching Superman Returns in my computer.

We already know that in the movie, Lois Lane won the Pulitzer Prize for having written a strongly worded article “Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman?” In one of her conversations with Superman, she shouted to his face that the world doesn’t need a Savior and she doesn’t need one.

All of a sudden Superman takes her up and asks her, “WHAT DO YOU HEAR?”


Then we hear loud voices through Superman’s ears – voices of people crying out. Then he looks at her and said, “I hear everything.”

Then, he added, “In your article you wrote that people don’t need a Savior, yet everyday I hear people crying for one.”

Beautiful conversation, isn’t it?

In our daily lives, we heard of many people who already rejected the idea of a Savior – people who believed that they could do all things on their own, people who believed that their strength is enough to battle all things out, that salvation comes only from within.

Superman Returns gives us a different message: we need a Savior – a humble loving acceptance that we need one.
Lucky me – my Savior is not Superman. This is my reason: Krypton’s Savior only saves bodies; my Savior saves souls…
…better still, my Savior saves both.



  1. I saw that movie and didn’t like it at all. I can’t remember everything but I remember that he often fell into the Jesus Christ Pose when unconscious: arms out like he was crucified. There was other stuff that seemed to allude to Christianity.

  2. Christ imagery is everywhere in film and theater. Sometimes, it’s half-baked, and therefore meaningless; at others, the allusion makes a significant commentary about the character involved.

    I don’t think the use of Christ imagery is necessarily a bad thing.


  3. In the old comic canon, Clark Kent was a Methodist, so apparently even Superman recognized the need for salvation.

  4. 🙂 everyone needs a savior. I think even those who thought they don’t need one. well lucky enough we christians have a volunteer, unfortunately we take him for granted. that’s the oddity in between. nice post kapatid. just woke up ngayon (1 am) tutulog uli because of exhaustion. lam mo na kung bakit.
    anyhow nice color by the way, its your fave color right?

    it goes nicely with the theme. keep in touch and Godbless!

    and hey thanks for visiting my newly renovated blogsite!

    God Bless!

  5. I’ve seen the movie and it doesn’t came n my mide such thing, good to here that from you… keep it up

  6. Good one Frater. You are right. More than we nee Superman, we need Jesus. To put it more correctly, Jesus is all we need. (Hey that sounds like a Beatle’s song)

  7. Though short, I find it really amazing and inspiring. I am glad that there are still people who unceasingly and with conviction tries to proclaim Christ as the savior…

    The Superman is a simple portrayal of the need for someone who rescues us from danger- Christ- who saves us from eternal damnation..

    But, then again, let us remind ourselves the we can make Christ alive in us everyday. Let us be saviors to others too…

  8. This is a great post and possibly the beginnings of an interesting collection; this sort of thing, as Dante mentions, appears often in mainstream film, but it’s often overlooked. Another excellent example is in the allegorical nature of Anakin’s turn to the dark side in the final Star Wars movie (# 3, which came 6th). There’s been a lot of talk about the need for more Christian films like the Narnia Chronicles, but more recognition of the subtle Christian themes in mainstream film might go a long way as well. I think many people would be surprised to learn how many creative people (and which ones) draw inspiration from the Christian message.

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