Friends, last Monday (April 9), Fr. Fransiskus Madhu, SVD was finally laid to r est in the Sementeryo ng Mga Relihiyoso at Christ the King Mission Seminary. Three bishops concelebrated in the burial mass, along with 161 priests, not including those who are not wearing vestments.

Fr. Gerry Gudmalin, SVD, addressed the congregation, including the Ambassador of Indonesia to the Philippines: “I am sorry for what happened to Fr. Francis. Just as you grieve for the loss of your citizen, I also grieve the loss of brother, my confrere.” He referred to Fr. Francis as his “brother, housemate and playmate.” He also made a remark that the life of Fr. Francis was “short but he lived it to the full.”


Fr. Gerry also shared the prayer he saw from the diary of Fr. Francis. I had the copy of it:


I believe that you are always with me to do my activities.
Please use me to have a good heart to hear the others;
To answer the need of your people.
Make my people also have the generosity
And transform them to always hear your word.

It was a consoling thought that the day of the burial was actually a bonding trip for Fr. Gerry and Fr. Francis. “He was very excited,” Fr. Gerry said. But certainly, the Indonesian priest had another bonding trip – that trip with the angels to bring him into His Creator to bond with Him forever!







2 thoughts on “THE PRAYER OF A HERO

  1. We will include prayers for him and your entire congregation throughout the octave of Easter. Thank you for sharing the life and horrible sacrificial death of this very young priest.

    God bless all of you and your mission work!

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