Last Wednesday, April 4, 2007, the remains of the slain priest Fr. Fransiskus Madhu, SVD was brought to Christ the King Mission Seminary. As early as eight in the morning, several religious priests and nuns from different religious congregations, as well as laypeople eagerly awaited the arrival of his remains. The priests, most of whom are SVD Indonesians, agreed to wear their cassock as a way of saluting the missionary who laid his life in the service of God’s people.

“He is a hero to us. He died in the line of his priestly and missionary duty” one sister said. Leaving his country without informing his relatives in Indonesia, Fr. Fransiskus Madhu went to the Philippines on Palm Sunday of 2005 shortly after his ordination. A very humble, energetic and smiling priest, he was sent to Kalinga Province. Exactly two years after, he was also shot to death last Palm Sunday while already vested for the Holy Mass.
His body arrived at 1:45 in the afternoon and a loud cheer greeted him. Fr. Alfons Betan, his Spiritual Director when he was still a seminarian, laid the wreathe on his coffin. The SVD priests carried his casket and made a very sentimental procession to the Shrine of the Divine Word to celebrate the Holy Mass in his honor.

His remains are in Villa Cristo Rey of Christ the King Mission Seminary. He will be buried at the Sementeryo ng Mga Relihiyoso (also at Christ the King Mission Seminary) on Monday, April 9, 2007 after the Burial Mass at 3 pm.





5 thoughts on “SLAIN SVD PRIEST: A HERO

  1. Hello Fiel!

    Greetings of a Happy Easter!
    Thanks a lot for keeping us informed about the death of our confrere, FR. Francis Madhu. He was a friend to me before I left the Philippines for Portugal and so his untimely demise hurt me so much. If you are still in CKMS, kindly print my poem for him and please put it in his tomb or if still in the chapel, please put it on top of his casket. This is my way of giving tribute to him,. a very dear friend, a very courageous missionary–our HERO. May his soul rest in peace.
    Thanks a lot.

    Fr. Ayok


    Ni: Ayok C. Libangan, SVD

    Diak to pulos malipatan
    Ababa a panawen panagam-ammo innak naimatangan
    Gil-ayab ken tadem ni ayat dita puso ken riknam
    Impeksa’t kinaimbag ken kinapakumbabam ingungotek a pagayam

    Panagserbi iti Dios a namarswa inka tinarigagayan
    Awag na a Misyon inarakop mo ket ‘di mo tinallikudan
    Uray pay kaipapanan daytoy panangpanaw mo’t pamilyam
    Agraman komunidad, pagilyan nga kenka nangay-ayat, nangay-aywan

    Arubos dagiti luwa diak man magawidan
    Ta ngamin natuok unay a panonoten
    Nakaal-alinggaget ,ipupusay a nakalkaldaang
    Nakas-ang a gasat nga kenka impalak-am
    Dagiti awanan panangipateg iti biag
    Sagot ti Dios a namarswa iti sangalubongan

    Indatonmo kakaisuna ken kapapatgan a biag
    Tarungbo ti Misyon inka sinibugan nabugaso unay a daram
    Sapay koma ta daytoy mangipalagip tunggal makaimatang
    Ayat ti Dios nga kenka insagut inka met impalak-am

    Sapayla ngarud koma
    Pasamak kenka’t mangwada puso’t tattao dita ken intero a daga
    Imbatim awan kapadana pagtuladan tungal maysa
    Ket magun-od met koma hustisya apaay kenka

    Lagip ti kinasiasinnom dinto agkupas, dinto agpatingga
    Dalluyon kinabanwar mo mangited pigsa ken namnama
    Dupagen babaen timek ken tignay a nakaykaysa
    Sipnget kinadakes agingga magun-od tarigagay a kappia
    Nakaramut iti ayat awan patinggana.

    Karkararag mi nga pinanawam
    Agananayon a panaginanam
    Pannakilanglang mo iti awan patinggana a ragsak
    Sidong ken Gloria ti Dios a managayat unay

    Adios napateg unay a pagayam ken kabsat!!!

    (para kenni Padi Francis Madhu, SVD iti inna ipupusay bayat panaserbina kas Misyonaryo ti Kongregasyon SVD, 4 ti Abril, 2007)

  2. Though we are in different parts of the world, our fervent prayers for Fr. Francis are continued. May the Lord bless him.


  3. Frt. Fiel,

    Di na muna kita kukulitin ngayon sa Wikipedia entry/ies mo nga CKMS, dahil sa hanga ko sa yo sa continued updates mo sa amin through your blog posts. Ang dami kong na inform sa mga updates mo, nd siempre ipinagdasal ka at si Fr. Francis. Hope you, like him, will be an inspiration for those who are following your footsteps!

    Frt. Fiel, one of my classmates in High School who is currently in Hawaii, has tried to translate the poem of Fr. Ayok, but di daw nya kaya! Sana someone can translate it more or better, in English! para mas lalong feel n emote ng iba at naming low IQ ng Ilocano! Pls find someone for us who can do the honors! That will be my challenge for you, more than I have challenged you with Wikipedia! hehehehehe

    Good luck ha? and best regards. Where will you be na after your regency this year? Sana magkapanahon ka na soonest re para mas comprehensive at masaya tulad ng sa DWS with Fr. Randy’s help!

    O siya, ingat ka lagi ha? nd be good always,


  4. You say god has call you to this calling of bridging the gap well that bridge may fall if you dont listen to your heart ask yahweh for the truth of where you are and who are you serving this will tell you that Yahshuah was impress with SA-REE-A-NO A preacher of different denomination find him and probably he will open your to the truth just look on your sorrounding.

    just a quote of unknown author “”when you have faith and spreading the wisdom of my father you should talked like me, walk the life I am, speak the way I speak, and lived the way I live no other material can bring you comfort as you are walking with me in the wilderness.”

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