Fr. Pol during our Midnight Mass

Yesterday, it was announced in our community that our very own SVD Central Provincial Superior Fr. Leopoldo Jaucian, SVD — more popularly known to us as “Fr. Pol” was appointed as the New Bishop of Abra. The good news was disclosed to us by Fr. Leonardo Estioko, SVD and it brought joy to all of his confreres here at Christ the King Mission Seminary in Quezon City. One SVD brother commented that, “he will be a good and effective bishop” to which our conferes said “Amen!”

Fr. Pol’s life has been an open book. He was once a sacristan mayor in the then Christ the King Chapel (now Shrine of the Divine Word). According to some priests, the humble and very smiling sacristan mayor was the one who prepared their rooms in Christ the King whenever they go down to Manila from Tagaytay for their weekly day-off as scholastics.

Fr. Pol after the Holy Mass

When he became a seminarian of the Society of the Divine Word, he was sent to Taiwan for his OTP (Overseas Training Program). His training there proved to be very effective since he was later on tasked to shepherd the Chinese community of St. Jude Parish. Not long after, he won the trust and confidence of his confreres in the SVD Central Province. He was elected as the Provincial Superior. Ah, I remembered that moment very well. During the canvassing of the votes, Rev. Dexter Carr (now a missionary to Argentina) and I brought the table from the other classroom and we stationed ourselves outside the hall where the election was held, just enough for us to hear the reading of the votes. We created our own tally. We were happy he won. We immediately told the other scholastics, “FPJ” won!

Many scholastics (including the one writing this) are inspired by the way he deals with us. He is very friendly, very visible in the community and he calls all us “tol” — meaning “brother.”

The last time I saw him was during the Midnight Mass at Christ the King Mission Seminary on December 24, 2006 — the day before the inauguration of our Shrine of the Divine Word. He delivered a very powerful and convincing homily — the “key of love.”After his Mass, I asked him if we could take some pictures for my website…Here it is…

Fr. Pol with the Writer

I looked forward to seeing him again — and by that time, he will be in his bishop’s regalia…Congrats Bishop Pol! You will be assigned to the cradle of SVD in the Philippines — Abra. It will be an experience of going back to our roots…God bless!

Episcopal Ordination: March 26, 2007 at Christ the King Mission Seminary, 9 in the morning

Installation as Bishop: March 31, 2007 at Bangued, Abra, 10 in the morning





3 thoughts on “CONGRATS TO FR. POL

  1. Congratulations Fr. Pol or better still Bishop Pol. I had the great opportunity to meet you in Rome during Sts Arnold/Joseph canonization. I remembered really being amazed when you spoke in precise Chinese. Hope to see you one of these days. God bless always and more power.

    Sincerely in the Divine Word,
    Edna C. Ko (Davao City) and Family

  2. That is exellent because the start of his vocation was a simple one, as a servant by begining as a sacristan. Now he is still a servant with much more responsiblity! May God continue to bless him on his path and
    may he serve as a role model to others who are uncertain about their own vocation. Submit to God’s will and he will light the path for you.

  3. Thanks for sharing that, my pastor is SVD, he spent many years in New Guinea, I’m forwarding your blog link to him.

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