A strong typhoon hit Metro Manila last September 28, 2006. Typhoon Xangsane (international designation: 0615, JTWC designation: 18W, PAGASA name Typhoon Milenyo) was a deadly typhoon that battered the northern islands with torrential rains and strong winds, and causing widespread flooding and landslides.

According to wikipedia, the storm was responsible for at least 279 deaths, mostly in the Philippines and Vietnam, and at least $747 million (2006 USD) in damage.

It was the strongest typhoon I ever experienced in my stay here in Manila. I heard the strong winds that uprooted the mango tree at our old folks’ home. I was having lunch with my confreres when we suddenly heard a loud thud! Oh my God, the majestic mango tree was no match to the whistling wind!

Our chapel was also flooded. I stayed with some seminarians at the chapel and it was like a waterfall gushing forth from the ceiling. Billboards were falling. When I checked on our seminarians at the third floor of the Buttenbruch Building, they were very busy putting barriers on the windows to prevent the strong winds from breaking into their dormitory.

Several window glasses were broken. Even my room was not spared!

More than the fury of typhoon Milenyo, the day after was a show of force by the SVD community of Christ the King. The spirit of “bayanihan” moved each each one of us to actively take part in cleaning our messed-up grounds.It was very inspiring to see seminarians and priests cleaning our compound together. Even our manang also helped us. The irony of it all was — everyone was happy doing the task! This pictures are great testimonies!

It was a memorable part of our journey together as a community. I felt that we strengthened our bonds. We rose from the ruins! No typhoon could ever shake us…If God is with us, who can be against us?
WWW (Witness to the Word in the World),
fiel, svd






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