Every September 8, the Society of the Divine Word celebrates the Family Feast, our annual foundation anniversary. We call to mind our humble beginnings as a congregation many years ago (1875).

The Family Feast 2006 in Christ the King was spearheaded by the Trinitarium Class.

These pictures are simply unforgettable!

Indeed, pictures paint a thousand words.
The blow that made all spectators laugh!
We never have this parlor game during our time!
This looks like World Cup!
Certainly, one of the greatest pix!
Family Feast strenghtens our family ties.
No, they are not the Gee-girls!
The Coords waited for the announcement of winners.

The Grand Winner!!!

For more pictures and the rest of the results, please visit the official Christ the King Mission Seminary Family Feast 2006 website that I made:

WWW (Witness to the Word in the World),

Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD





  1. hi, Frater!

    Just looking around for the Christ the King’s website when I was linked to your page.. am a friend of Frt. Ferdie, Frt. Nelson, Frt. Elmer, Frt. Jayson, Frt. Tups… You have a cute site,

    Anyway, i feel glad that there are people as courageous and as humble as you are… i do hope and pray God continue to shower your life, ministry, and mission with lots of blessings, and lessons to learn.

    God bless!

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