The Acquaintance Party was prepared by the Culturant Servants of both the Juniors and Seniors community. Unlike the past years, we now have one common dining hall for the two communities. The seminarians showcased their talents and they never failed to amazed me! They were great performers!

The Team of the Prefects were having good time!

Nice action song from the First Year Seminarians!

A dramatic portrayal of “balot! balot!” using different emotions. Well-applauded Second Year Seminarians!

The Third Year seminarians wowed me with their Ala-Streetboys move!

The Fourth Year seminarians were great imitators! Could you name the superheroes in the picture?

The Associates were all formal in their song number! It was very impressive!Fr. Glenn Paul Gomez, the Head Prefect gave a very inspiring talk.

I look forward to discover more talents as we journey together.

Have a great day!

WWW (Witness to the Word in the World),

Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD





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