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JANSSENVILLE November 15, 2009

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(This is my second article in the coffee table book of the SVD Central Province on the 100th year of the Divine Word Missionaries/SVD in the Philippines. Until now, nasa printing press pa rin po yata, hehe.)

2808363510103808845oYBRCh_fsIto ang Janssenville

Have you heard of Janssenville?

Janssenville is only one of the many subdivisions built by Fr. Leo Schmitt, SVD. From being Prefect of Seminarians in the archdiocesan seminary of Binmaley, Pangasinan and Christ the King Mission Seminary, Fr. Leo was appointed by Fr. Schűtte, SVD Superior General, to lead the movement called Action Leaven and serve as its Executive Director.  This Action Leaven was born out of the 1960’s turbulent First Quarter Storm where there were so much violations of human rights and social strife resulting from poverty, unemployment and homelessness. This scenario paved way for the birth of

Action Leaven whose aim was the safeguard the rights of the oppressed.

L  -  DDD - 1

Si Padre Leo

The pioneer group of Leaveners was composed of 70 priests, nuns, seminarians, community organizers, engineers and agriculturist among others. It was adopted by CBCP as an experiment for the Archdiocese of Manila. They established 10 pilot parishes. However, in the process, they were confronted with some Leaveners who had the tendency to incorporate leftists’ principles into the movement’s Christian orientation and to some extent, it brought confusion among the members.L  -  DDD - 42

The year after, Fr. Leo’s contract with the Action Leaven ended and Rufino Cardinal Santos appointed Bishop Protacio Gungon as his successor.

However, Fr. Leo did not stop from what he started. Shortly after leaving the Action Leaven, some 800 families sought his help after being forced to leave from Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong. So, he was thrown into the herculean task of looking for a relocation site  for the squatter community. Together with 2 SVD confreres, 2 sisters and 5 laymen, Fr. Leo created a foundation possessing a legal personality that would address the problem of informal settlers. On September 28, 1971, the SAMAHANG BAGONG BUHAY FOUNDATION INCORPORATION (SBBFI) was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock and non-profit corporation.

1+(35)Si Aga ay nagdonate kay Fr. Leo ng “significant amount” para sa statue ng aming Founder na si St. Arnold Janssen

Motivated by the Bible passage from Matthew 25:40 which states that “what you have done to the least of my brethren, you have done unto me”, the primary objective of the SBBFI is “to help build socially, economically and culturally self-sustaining Christian communalities with the development of the whole person as the ultimate goal”. The foundation provides low-cost housing for the poor but the services it renders cover a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, medical help, pastoral services, production center and establishment of kindergarten schools.

IMG_1803Si Father Leo kinukulit si Fr. Bong na kumakain ng lugaw (?)

From the time of the foundation’s birth, many housing projects were already built: San Antonio Village in Antipolo; San Jose Freinademetz Subdivision in Cogeo, Antipolo; Janssenville Subdivision in Cainta, Rizal; San Agustin Village in Antipolo; San Lorenzo Ruiz in Bulacan and Antipolo; St. Francis Square, Payong, which is also in Antipolo.

It was in 1987 when Gerardo Ozaeta, through Jaime Cardinal Sin, asked the help of SBBFI regarding the squatter problem of one thousand families illegally occupying the 36 hectares of land known as Upper and Lower Manggahan, owned by the Melitona Estates. After continuous organizational work and communication, the homeowners association was formed. When the relocation site was secured the year after, the people made their transfer from Upper Manggahan to the Munting Paraiso, now known as Janssenville, after St. Arnold Janssen.

Originally, Janssenville was part of the St. Anthony of Padua Parish. When the canonization of the then Blessed Arnold became certain, Fr. Leo approached the bishop about the plan of making Janssenville the seat of a new parish to be named after the SVD founder. But, there were strong reservations on the part of the parish priest of St. Anthony. Providentially, through the inspection trip of the Vicar General, Msgr. Roberto de Guzman, the Chancellor of the Diocese, Msgr. Peter Canonero, Msgr. Mariano Balbago and two other priests, it was agreed that a new parish should be erected “to thank St. Arnold for the services of his congregations to the Church, in particular to the Diocese of Antipolo and to promote his virtues.” This vision was accepted by the presbyteral council, the priests and the Bishop. On 30th of November, 2003 the St. Arnold Janssen Parish was canonically erected. Holy Mass was presided by Bishop Gabriel Reyes, DD and concelebrated by Msgr. Roberto de Guzman and Msgr. Peter Canonero together with the SVD PHC Provincial Superior Fr. Joel Maribao, SVD. It was the first and only permanent religious parish in the Diocese of Antipolo. On January 15 the following year, Fr. Leo Schmitt was installed as the first parish priest.

Good+Friday+(1)Ako, si Fr. Leo, Si Fr. Bong, si Fr. Martin

These “little something done for the less fortunate”, as what Fr. Leo calls it, was not  achieved overnight. Some stubborn families did not want to be relocated actually. On 1991, one family even claimed that it was Fr. Leo who ordered the demolition of their shanty, and this appeared in People’s Tonight, a local paper. “Walang awang pari,” was the opening salvo of the newspaper report. Fr. Leo relates “Having worked for 20 years from Smokey Mountain to Jalajala, it pains me very much to be subjected to a malicious smear campaign.” However, those who believed in the purity of his cause, also mobilized themselves to defend the SVD priest who was linked to a controversial demolition case.

1_522523903lMula sa isang maliit na simbahan, ito na ang simbahan ng Janssenville ngayon — the St. Arnold Janssen Shrine Parish

Today, the St. Arnold Janssen Shrine Parish is now on its way to completion. From a small chapel, the big Shrine stands in the very entrance of Janssenville Subdivision as a testament of the growth of the community who participated and believed in each other in planning and development procedures. Fr. Leo asserts that, “You cannot go wrong if you work on the premise of a Christian value and the development of the total person.” Indeed, Janssenville and the other communities founded by Fr. Leo and the Samahang Bagong Buhay Foundation remains a strong source of hope and inspiration in their community building and the upliftment of every person’s dignity.




PHILIPPINE SVD @ 100 August 30, 2009

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The Society of the Divine Word (SVD) is now celebrating our one hundred years of missionary presence in the Philippines. On August 15, 1909, the first two SVD missionaries arrived in Manila and began their long journey to Abra, a landlocked province in Northern part of Luzon. With only a bamboo raft, Fr. Juan Scheiermann, SVD and Fr. Ludwig Beckert, SVD journeyed on Abra River to Bangued, the capital. They reached Pilar, Cagotungan, Abra — their mission station, by horse — in their full black cassocks! Perhaps they never thought that one hundred years after, the SVD mission in the Philippines will be this big and this successful. We owe all to the grace of God.


It seems young priests are more comfortable in front of the camera

Last August 17, I arrived in Cebu for the Centennial Celebration of the SVD Philippine Southern Province. More than 100 of my confreres came to celebrate this significant occassion.


Hehe Parang Mag-Ama! Puros Hubag!

With the theme “We Remember, We Rejoice, We Renew”, we were delighted to hear anecdotes about the SVD in the Philippines. Bishop Arturo Bastes, SVD shared to us never-been-heard-nor-published stories about the Divine Word Missionaries in the Philippines (Sample: Did you know that the SVD owned all the Church properties in one of the Archdioceses in the country after the World War II? Mahabang istorya ito!) I was really thankful to the good bishop who happened to be the ordaining prelate during my priestly ordination. So, i also took the opportunity to have photo op with him.


Fr. Tony Pernia, SVD shared about the facts and figures in the Philippine SVD. FYI, Fr. Tony is the Superior General of the SVD worldwide!!! Not only that, he is a Filipino!!! During our time with him, somebody made a remark, “100 years of the SVD in the Philippines is not enough to produce a saint, but enough to produce a Superior General.”


The SVD together with the Blue Sisters and the Pink Sisters

GEDC5264The Pink Sisters are praying for me! Ssshhh, wag maingay!

Our sister congregations also celebrated with us. The Centennial Mass was celebrated at the Pink Sisters Convent together with our lay mission partners, XVDs and the Blue and Pink Sisters. The presider and the mass homilist was Fr. Tony. Agape meal followed.

We also had basketball exhibition game: SVD vs. XVD (ex-SVD seminarians). Did I mention the SVD won? We were on the Sports page of the Sunstar Magazine the following day, and the whole of Cebu knew about it.

Ricardo Cardinal Vidal also joined us for the prayer before the clergy religious night. He also expressed his appreciations for the missionary work done by the SVDs in the Archdiocese of Cebu.

GEDC5344The SVDs listened to a fisherman from Cordova

The last day of the Centennial Celebration proved to be the most memorable and most meaningful for me. Perhaps all my other confreres will also agree. We went to Cordova, where one of the housing projects of the SVD is located. Father Max Abalos, SVD, who spearheaded the project said that it is geared toward the development and liberation of the people from poverty and oppression. The Cordova fisherfolk village has now a cooperative business and will soon establish their dried danggit business.


Mabenta ang mais ng mga fisher folks. Mga pari nag-enjoy!

Our last stop was the Janssenville in Bangkal, Soong, Lapu-Lapu City. Janssenville is another housing project of the SVD. It is a compound of 100 houses with a gate and a chapel for the housing recipients. Together with NGOs, our mission partners, fisherfolks, street children, XVDs, students, visitors, Janssenville settlers and many others, we were given a tour in the area. Fr. Anthony Salas, SVD, JPIC-IDC director, said the houses were built through the consolidated effort of the SVD and the University of San Carlos (USC) community and the beneficiaries.


Fr. Tony is given a tour in the Janssenville Compound

The Holy Mass in the afternoon was presided by Bishop Bastes. He also gave the homily in flawless Visayan language. Hehe Bol-anon man pod diay siya mao nga hasler kaayo mobisaya. Paka-paka oy!

GEDC5366Bishop Bastes, SVD

After that, Fr. Tony led the blessing of the whole village. We blest the 100 houses, one priest per house. (siyempre sama ako doon). It was very touching…ang bawat pamilya may isa-isang paring dala papunta sa kanilang mga bahay. Masaya ang naging kwentuhan ko with the family na nakasama ko.

Fellowship meal followed. It was like a feast. I was happy and thankful to be part of that celebration. Indeed, it was a piece of heaven. More pictures HERE!!!

Congrats SVD and may the Triune God live in the hearts of all.




KAINAN NG BAYAN August 22, 2009

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Procession During the Fiesta

GEDC5022Ako at si Mama Mary

Fiesta sa aming parokya dito sa Olutanga tuwing August 15. Masaya ako kasi maraming mga tao ang lumapit sa akin at nagpasalamat dahil sa ginawa ni Fr. Roger Alasan, SVD, ang pioneer SVD missionary dito sa isla four years ago. He united the LGU and the Parish. Dati kasi bago siya dumating, ang town fiesta at ang parochial fiesta ay separate. Dati naman talagang August 15 ang fiesta ngunit dahil sa mga di maiiwasang “irreconcilable differences” ng dating parish priest at ng mayor, nilipat ang fiesta sa third week of November.


Fr. Roger Alasan, SVD

(note: I first met him when I was assigned in Surigao.

Akala ko siya si Lito Legaspi!)

Pero nang dumating si Fr. Roger Alasan, SVD ay talagang sinikap niyang maging magkaibigan ang LGU at ang parokya. Dahil sa kanyang initiative at dala na rin ng peaceful dialogue (which is one of the trademarks ng SVD), nagkaroon ng memorandum of understanding. And what better way to celebrate unity kundi sa isang banquet!

Please welcome, ang aming KAINAN NG BAYAN!


Sari-saring Shells


Fr. Dan: “Wag muna tayong mag-usap Bishop. Concentrate muna.”


Bishop Julius Tonnel and Mayor Joel Capotulan


Crabs of Different Sizes




Indeed, Kainan ng Bayan


Like the multiplication of bread, they all ate and were satisfied…

GEDC5151…and there were twelve baskets left…






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GEDC4579Hindi Po Ako Power-Ranger. Papunta lang po ako sa Barrio!

One of the interesting things being a priest is the opportunity to meet many people from all walks of life and gain insights from them. Hindi lang yan, it also becomes an avenue for me to discover my own vulnerabilities which sometimes puts me into weird and funny situations. LOL.

1. Asar-talo. My confreres back in Cebu inasar ako. They told me: “mag-ingat ka sa backhoe!” Yong isa kasi naming pari ay nahulugan ng kalaykay ng backhoe. Kaya pagdating ko, ako at ang kasama kong pari ay di sumakay ng barge. Andoon ang backhoe. Nagtiyaga na lang kami sa canoe.

2. Sakay na. Ang Olutanga Island ay napakalapit lang sa isang municipality ng mainland Zamboanga Sibugay. Pwedeng languyin actually. Ten pesos lang kung sasakay ka ng barge. In less than 3 minutes, nasa kabilang island ka na. Kaya, sakay na!

3. First things first. When I reached my mission area, ang pinakauna kong ginawa ay maghanap ng hideout in case dumating ang Abu Sayyaf. Nada. Wala akong makita. Lo and behold, sa kwarto ko, may washing machine. Sinubukan ko ngang pumasok sa loob ng washing machine. Hehe, praktis lang…

4. Iskop na sana. On my first day dito sa isla, early in the morning ay nagkaroon ng sunog. Several houses and commercial establishments ay tinupok ng apoy. To my excitement, kinuha ko kaagad ang camera ko at takbo sa pinangyarihan ng sunog. Muslims and Christians helped each other. Talagang bayanihan. Sa isip ko, iskop ito! I set my cam for picture-picture, and to my greatest horror, wala palang battery!

5. Intsik ba ako? Almost 20 people have already asked me if Chinese ba daw ako. Ngek! Sabi ng friend ko dito, ang mga Chinese daw kasi ang potential kidnap victims. Aba, sabi ko agad, Pinoy ako!

6. Heavyweight! It was a very embarrassing experience (nahihiya magkwento ang baby priest!). After the Holy Mass in the barrio, pinakain ako ng mga parishioners ng masasarap at malalaking crabs. Pagkatapos kong kumain, gumuho ang upuan ko. What a shame!

7. Khaki. Since naging deacon ako last June 2008, I already abandoned khaki pants kasi mas lalo akong nagmumukhang “high-schoolish” (term borrowed from Frt. Ritchelle, SVD), meaning, parang high school. But dito sa Subanipa, it’s a need to wear khaki pants para magsurvive ako sa super muddy and super-lubak na mga roads. Ang kulay kasi ng khaki at putik ay pareho lang. This is what you call camouflage (very creative lang ang baby priest, bow!).

8. Sta. Cruz. May isang chapel dito, ang patron nila si San Isidro Labrador pero ang fiesta nila ay May 14 (di yata tumama sa exact feast day yon ah!). They told me that originally ang patron nila ya Sta. Cruz (fiesta Sept. 14). Pinagalitan daw sila dahil di naman daw saint ang Sta. Cruz. Hahaha. And it did not end there – they took San Isidro Labrador as their new patron, changed the month of their fiesta into May but retain the day 14 ….kaya May 14!

9. For the record. Since dumating ako dito, never pa akong nakaligo sa dagat. Bigla-bigla na lang daw kasi sumusulpot ang mga pirates dito. The involved municipalities ay nagkaroon ng registration of boats/motor-boats ng mga fishermen but the problem with pirates ay di na-solved. Pati mga pirates ay nagpa-register din!

10. Brownout. Araw-araw brownout dito. At hanggang dito na lang at baka mag-brownout pa!





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Ito ay isa lamang sa mga fishponds ng isa sa aming mga parokyano dito sa Subanipa, Olutanga Island, Zambonga Sibugay. Hehe. I was invited  sa harvest ng mga shrimps at bangus sa fishpond na ito. Di ko talaga ito tinanggihan. Go agad ang baby priest. Napag-alaman kong gabi pala talaga ang paghaharvest. Dumating ako sa fishpond at 4 pm. Kasama ko ang may-ari, si Ate Inday.


Ito ay isang ice bucket ng mga nahuling shrimps. It is very easy to catch them kasi kumikinang pala ang mga mata ng mga ito pag natatapatan ng flashlight.


Ito naman ang ice bucket ng mga live milkfishes. Buhay na buhay ang mga bangus! Nagparequest agad ako na makapagluto agad ng sinigang. Hehe.


Ito ang alimango na para sa akin. Tinalian namin kasi baka mangagat. Ang laki niyan! Itinago agad namin yan sa kwarto. Around 4 am ng umaga, humiga ako sandali sa loob ng kwarto. buti na lang di ako humiga sa sahig. Ginapang kasi nito ang iba naming kasama. Hehe, nakakakiliti kaya yon!


Bayanihan spirit ang namamayani sa fishpond harvest. Pasa dito, pasa doon. May mga tao doon sa bukana ng fishpond, may taga-hawak naman ng net, taga-pasa ng net….


…at mayroon ding taga-separate ng shrimps from the bangus…at mayroon ding taga-hawak ng ice bucket na nilalagyan ng mga ito.


Siyempre, ito na ang pinaluto kung shrimp. Pulang-pula! Ang sarap nyan! Natapos ang harvest 5:30 ng umaga. Isang truck ng bangus at shrimps ang naharvest…

GEDC4778…at umuwi ako sa parokya kasama ang aking mga mababait na kaibigang parishioners. At dahil malakas ang ulan at bumaha ang daan, muli kaming naging bata at nagbasaan ng tubig sa daan. Hehe. Next time ulit…





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Gooooood dayyyyy to all! Nakawala ako sa isla ng Olutanga for few days. Last June 22, I went to Ipil together with my SVD confreres and some of our parish co-missionaries. We attended the 56th Prelature of Ipil Assembly.


Mga Participantes

002Ayan ang Baby Priest katabi ni Obispo!

For the record, pinakilala na po sa buong prelature ang inyong baby priest. Kakatuwa naman. Sa assembly, si Paring Bert Alejo, SJ introduced to us the Konsult Mindanao. It is the flagship of the Bishops Ulama Conference (BUC) that leads the ongoing peace consultations across Mindanao. It seeks to assure greater public participation in the Mindanao peace process consultation by covering the various sectors among Muslims, Lumads, Protestants and Catholics.


Si Paring Bert at Paring Joseph

Maganda ang talk ni Paring Bert. Nainspire ako at mas lumawak ang understanding ko ng Mindanao, its history and culture. Kaya naman, I will blog soon My Vision of Mindanao…


004Tulak to the Max!!!

Pag-uwi namin paputang Olutanga Island, medyo madulas ang daan kaya ayon na-slide ang gulong at pinulot kami sa side ng road…hehehe wala namang na-hurt sa aming mga pari…

005Grace under Pressure!!!

Noong malapit na kami sa pier, ito naman ang tumambad sa amin. Isang malaki at mahabang dump(dumb)truck na humarang sa daan dahil sa wrong backing. Di na makaahon dahil sa laki ng hole sa side ng road. Kaya ayon, ung mga pasahero ay no-choice kundi maglakad na lamang papuntang pier. Kasama ako doon. Napangiti pa nga ako because yong pinakaunang na-stranded na sasakyan dahil sa dump(dumb)truck na ito ay may signboard na: “DON’T DELAY, GOVERNMENT PROJECT.” Hehehe.

006So Near Yet so Far

Yan ang pier. Yong kabila, yan na ang isla. Ang lapit lang talaga ng Olutanga! I have to really confess pinag-iinitan ko talaga ang pier na ito. Gusto kong languyin na lang ang island!!! Imagine, ilang days na ako dito sa mission area ko and yet, di pa talaga ako nakaligo sa dagat! OMG! People here are afraid baka damputin daw ako ng bad people at ipa-ransom.


Kapit to the Max!!!

Sa dami naming mabibigat na passengers, muntik na tumagilid ang maliit na canoe na sinakyan namin! wahahahahaha! kuha lang ako ng kuha ng pictures. Sa isip ko, sana tumagilid para makaligo na ako sa dagat…(hehehe, very bad ang baby priest)…

008Back to Reality

When we reached the island, back to reality na ako. Another missionary journey na naman going to our parish. At ito ay isa lamang sa mga enjoy na daanan papunta sa amin. And oh, you are all welcome here…hehe.




WELCOME PARTY June 6, 2009

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The parishioners of Nuestra Señora De los Remedios here in Subanipa, Olutanga Island, Zamboanga Sibugay prepared a welcome party for me the day after I arrived. Hehe. Maraming beses na ito actually na-postpone kasi maraming beses nabago yong date ng arrival ko. I was supposed to arrive May 20, then naging May 26, then naging May 29 then finally June 1.


Beside me is Fr. Danny Noval, SVD


Mga Lay Leaders

The lay leaders from the 32 BEC communities were there and nakakatuwa, sinabitan pa nila ako ng garland made of shells.


Hehe Parang Graduation

Nagpapasalamat ako sa mainit na pagtanggap nila sa akin…and of course, makakalimutan ba naman ang  mga sea foods na inihain sa aming  fellowship meal?


Hehe Parang May Naligaw Yata…


Sea Shells!


More Sea Shells!!!


Nakatingin Ang Crabs!

GEDC4355Masarap Din Ito!!!

GEDC4353Hehe Hindi Ito Seafood…Cake Na’to!!!

MY OTHER SITES April 29, 2009

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SVD BLOGGERS April 29, 2009

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